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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #62: Izza Married Now!

Thinking again…every relationship I have is a marriage in a way. I am married to both women and men. Most of the women/men I’m married to naturally fall into place in my life and everything is just great. I think it becomes stressful for me at times when one man/woman steps out of my perfect place I have for them or if they change positions and I am not privy to this change. I immediately try to get them back “in line” and the most troubled marriages I have are with those that refuse to be moved and their behaviors are no longer familiar for me. Now with that being said, is it really fair to abandon a marriage just because its not easy or becomes stressful? Is it fair to abandon one love for another? If I go hard for one, why shouldn’t I go hard for all? Why is there a bias with me? Why is there a need to try to control every single situation and even in some instances control people? If these lessons are toward my growth and my advancement, why won’t I just let go?

Alot of unanswered questions to ponder…SO…

From now on, when someone “adjusts” and it agitates me I am really going to go deep to find out the why before I even utter one word to them. Its time to stop living on the surface and dwelling within.

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