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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #63: Making Mountains out of Molehills

On our journey through life each person we encounter on our paths we will see through our own filter. The most beautiful person on earth to one person may be a demon to another. It rarely ever has anything to do with the person themselves but how we see them through our filters. And these filters are what really bind and limit us on this earth plane, and therefore with these filters on we almost always feel some physical exertion is required to “get over” the people in our lives. So, as we walk along the path we call life, we are going to encounter “blockages” that appear to us as hills, mountains and/or valleys.


We filter in hills when there is a need to apply a speed bump to our current way of living. We need to take into account some detail that we are currently overlooking consciously but our subconscious makes sure that we learn. Hills rarely stop us in our tracks but slow us down a bit. Perhaps we filter in this person to help us to learn that “Just because you’ve busted your ass for someone doesn’t mean they are going to give you the same in return. Do it from the heart or don’t do it at all.” The hills introduce the simple lessons, basic lessons, we must learn about getting along with other people and existing in this world. Once we’ve filtered in a hill along our path our next encounter with them won’t be so difficult.


Now here comes the time when we learn our greatest lessons and are introduced to our personal powers. Mountains have so much to show us and at the same time can be quite tricky because they are always surmountable but with a filter on we can’t even imagine at the time how we’ll get through. So first, what do the mountains teach us? They teach us that things aren’t as they appear, only what we make them. And most importantly, it teaches us to use our own personal powers to overcome this obstacle. *smile* Now that’s what the mountains are here to teach us, however the first thing most of us try to do is move it. And those not aware of our own personal power will attempt to move it the only way they know how…by physical exertion. Just a heaving and a hooing trying to move a mountain that to some appear to be a molehill.

So as our fellow travelers are passing us on their journeys they may look and laugh and say to themselves “Why are they trying to use so much force to move that rock? Oh well glad its not me.” and move on. Their perception has changed, they’ve perhaps encountered this barrier before and can now see it with new eyes. Others will offer assistance and say things like “You know you can just go around.” or “You can go through that one you know.” and then some may even say…”It doesn’t even exist. Can you see?” And how often can we really hear anything someone is saying to us when we are in the middle of doing something? Rarely.

We filter mountains into our lives when its time to move to the next chapter of our lives. We have to learn lessons such as unconditional Love, how to use and trust intuition, to realize our own personal power and strength and to realize that we are seeing the world through our filters that we must learn to remove if we are to ever to see the world as it really is. Nothing is as it seems, only as we are. These are great lessons and they must be learned because they are gifts and we won’t be able to move on to the next chapter of our lives unless these lessons are learned.

So yes, the man/woman who constantly “cheats” on you, spends up your money or abuses you is here to teach you a lesson about yourself. Do not stress yourself by attempting to move this mountain or change this person to suit your needs. Your lesson isn’t one in dexterity but in perspicacity. Perhaps you need to learn that you are enough and that you are more powerful that you can even imagine. These mountainous people will teach us these things and once we get it then you will see that it wasn’t a mountain at all but a molehill…and perhaps even *smile* we can fly.


We encounter valleys in order to reflect. How many times have we encountered a person that just has us in pure bliss but still at times we catch ourselves complaining about the work thats not getting done or how spending so much time with this person is not allowing us to continue on with what needs to be done? Valleys are meant to be experienced. Don’t rush this time but reflect, remember and apply the lessons we’ve learned on our journey so far. It’s ok to go out tonight and have some fun with our friend who lives in the streets (lol). It’s ok to stay in bed all day making Love. Don’t rush because the only thing that will lead to is us trying to push down another mountain to get out of the valley, when all we had to do is spend a little longer reflecting and then we’d know that…Wow…I can fly.

Happy Travels

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  1. Asherah Amyas December 15, 2012 at 4:03 PM - Reply

    I dedicate this to one of my friends, Chizo, who is currently encountering a “mountainous” person and finds it so very difficult to move this obstacle. I see it for what it is and I can only offer some advice but it is her journey and she must see for herself…my perception and hers are not the same at this point. I wish her well. Happy Travels.

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