Love’s Chronicles – Entry #64: LOVE THEM!!!

I had this dream that just blew my mind and spanked my ass. Needs no introduction so here goes…

I wake up over and over again for quite awhile and each time I am starting out making a left onto this dark street. I am continue running down the streets until I come to another cross roads, here I begin to make a right because this is where the road ends. Across the street is a huge church, the biggest I’ve ever seen. I look back and see a man running towards me as well, and I think, only one now, and I turn and run and I continue running down the street until it becomes this darkened descending stairway. I run into the darkness with no light and no fear and then as I continue running down the stairs I hear them below and brief light enters the stairwell from the left and I can hear running and shuffling and breathing. I think to myself, why do they even try I will always be the first here. I run to a start and I jump past the light where I hear the men entering and I leap over them into the darkness and then we all sit around outside in some sort of outside class room.

Here its gets fuzzy but all I remember is being upset with the teachings there and I leave and one of the men is furious with me and he starts insulting me and threatening me and I just keep on walking. And he walks behind me just yelling and I continue to leave. I am walking up a winding stair case and he is right behind me yelling and screaming. I don’t say a word I just continue walking.
I am running again and he, no they are running behind me this time. And one reaches me and continues talking to me about who he is and what he does and a task that I had he took from me and made it his own. And he keeps talking at me, I say nothing and just continue to leave.

So finally they all follow me into this room and I am lying down and something or someone screams out loudly into my head
And I wake up IMMEDIATELY and I get it. So I sit up, crouch to my haunches and move to a position where I am crawling. And I crawl real cat like over to him (the man I had been running from) and I stretch myself to his ear and I smile and whisper into his ear…”I have something to show you.” And he smiles and says “Now what do you have to show me?” and I say Love. And as I say this all of these men begin to enter into the room. They have their shirts off and they are all very muscular and strong and hard with tattoos, all with dark skin and they spill into the room.

And the only way to explain it is that I transform back from a cat into myself and whatever was in my hand becomes a long pointer and I speak with such authority and power and as I begin to wake up I hear myself saying…

How can you defend and protect a people you do not Love?…
And then I come to…

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