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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #68: Pure Love Part II

I just finished watching Forrest Gump and I asked myself would I marry him if I were Jenny. My answer was Yes at first but then I started to think about what Forrest represents. Forrest represents Love in its purest form. A Love to be shared with the world, not hidden or protected but freely given to any and all. Now thats a gift that should not to be hoarded by one person. Love

When I think about it, every single person I know with Downs Syndrome or any other learning hindrance are the most loving beings I have ever met. Its as if their purpose on this planet is purely for Love. Perhaps the parents of these special beings had a Love hindrance and these little angels came along to show them what they needed to really know…how to Love. Or maybe even some parents were to serve as the best protectors for these gentle beings. It makes me a bit sad to think that we truly do not see all the Love that these beings inspire. They have no choice but to Love, it’s as if they don’t understand anything else. Extremely beautiful and so very caring, they represent the purest Love, God’s Love, I’ll call them Children of Light.

Children of Light differ from average beings because in today’s society we can learn to hide our expressions of Love or protect ourselves from it. Today, showing emotion or even crying is globally understood as a display of weakness. So we shun it, try to be as tough as we can possibly be. We sacrifice our God given ability to Love and imprison it in a gilded cage.

I’ll use people born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer as an example. In my opinion, Cancer children, myself included, are born free spirited. They are able to Love all with no real sense of self. I remember as a child my mom had bought me a whole bunch of candy for my first day of school. Back then, candy really didn’t do it for me so when the children asked and took the candy from my bag I didn’t give it a second thought. I didn’t even realize all my candy was gone until I got home and my mom looked in my bag. I don’t remember much about the day or of the children eating the candy, in my heart that was as it was suppose to be. But I do remember my mom’s face of disappointment and anger when I didn’t come home with any. Before she spoke a word, the look she gave me said it all, “Baby, where is your candy? Did you eat it all? Did you give it all away? Did they steal your candy?!” That scene is in my head right now. Now I know that is the exact moment I learned not to share…the first of many barriers that I have surrounded myself with.

Another famous Cancer is Michelle Rodriguez from The Fast and the Furious, SWAT, Resident Evil, Machete or any other movie that needed a bad ass, hard, chick. Every time I see her in these movies or in the news for having done something “hard” I see myself. I see the reason why we feel there is a need to “protect” ourselves and be “tough”. I get it. So when I see her now, I smile, because I know her journey, its also mines.

If I had to remember what is needed to “get it right”, I would say that it would be our ability to accept ourselves and who we were meant to be, to establish a peace within one’s self and to know that Love is what the world needs. So if I had of remembered that in th moment when my mom looked into my bag and asked me what happened, I would of been able to look her in the eyes and say, “Mom, its OK. The candy added to the children’s happiness and thats OK. Thank you for allowing me and them to experience that today.”

Can you even imagine?!

Humph, I just learned to share again. Wow, is it really that easy? *smile*

© Asherah Amyas. 2013.

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