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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #7 Love and Lost

Love and LostLover…

They say it is better to have loved and lost
Than to never have loved at all
But why does my soul feel empty
Why do I feel I’ve lost the best part of me?

A Whisper…

Your soul is empty because you believe
That the love we shared is no more
You feel lost because you refuse to
Seek me in light



But I miss your touch
I miss your smile
I miss you

A Whisper…

Dear heart, don’t miss what you have
You have me
I am Love
My touch was Love
In-Love, you will find me



This world is not fair
My love for you will never cease
I will never find anyone to replace you

A Whisper…

Our love will last an eternity
You will never find anyone to replace me
Don’t attempt to
I was as unique as a snowflake
I was a song with no words
I am a chapter from the book you’ve never written
I am you…you are me…We are Love…Love is We
I love you my dear



I love you too


About this Poem

I remember when I could write a poem in the spur of the moment. I miss those days, and I am patience until they return. I wrote this for a man I met who had lost his wife, a little before 2009. Immediately after I wrote this he told me how much it touched him and I never heard from him again. I hope all is well with him.

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