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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #70: Don’t You Remember?

We are all connected. As One, we are infinite, omnipresent and omniscient. If we have any question to anything, all we need to do is ask the question.

(In a lot of cases, we don’t even have to ask, but I digress.)

Simply ask the question and we will receive the answer. When do we receive these answers? When we are peace. How do we receive these answers? By being. Our memories are everywhere and we receive them via every possible medium…thoughts,feelings, animals, rocks, trees, sun, moon, wind, breathing, etc. The more peaceful we are, the more messages we receive…the more answers we remember.

Most of us meditate for “peace of mind”; but in my opinion, “peace of body” can come when we fast. Our bodies are almost always busy with the task of processing, analyzing and digesting food and waste. We can’t say “body be still” just as we can’t say “heart…stop”. However, when we fast, even the body is allowed time to be at peace and the messages that pour into us then…Wow! Fasting is a transcendant experience and we learn that peace isn’t something that we have to learn, peace is our natural state of being…we only need remember it.

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