Love’s Chronicles – Entry #76: Certainty

One of my favorite movies of all times is The The Bridges of Madison County (I wonder if there is a book…found it Book:The Bridges of Madison County). The movie outlines a love affair of Francesca and Robert. In the movie, they meet and all most instantly they fall in Love. They share the most transcending experience together that shakes both them to the core. However, the time that they met was wrong according to Francesca. She was married at the time, with children and she could not leave her family to be with him.

And as Francesca was contemplating whether to stay or go, Robert Kincaid says to her This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime. and he leaves, leaving Francesca to run outside after his truck to say one last word, or have one last moment with him.

Soon after Mr. Kincaid leaves, her family returns and she is back to her old, unfulfilling life. One day she is out with her husband in town, and she sees Mr. Kincaid’s truck right in front of theirs. Mr. Kincaid stops for a long moment at the green light as to give Francesca one last time to make her decision. And she wants to be with him so bad, but because of her dedication to her family, she won’t allow herself the Love and passion that Mr. Kincaid brings.

Her husband honks the horn…and Mr. Kincaid moves on never to be seen again. Francesca simply cries.

I tell you just a piece of this story because it reminds me so much of what I am experiencing now with my Leo. Before I even saw his face, I was immediately drawn to this man. The Love we felt for each other was instant. He dropped his “player card” and told me he Loved me after having only experiencing me in this life for 24hrs. I told him the same and I felt it with every fiber of my being. That had never happened to either of us before.

In Life, the Creator always sends us what we ask for. I prayed for him, many a nights. I lied awake in my bed asking for the arrival of my King. Someone to share my life with, someone I could confide in, who didn’t judge me, cared for me, protected me, someone I could be “me” with. I prayed that one last prayer and let it go and almost immediately Leo came on the scene…we were cut from the same cloth. We both wanted what the other had to give…everything was perfect.

Fast forward to now and we are no longer “together”. I am certain about the Love we have for each other. However, he believes that if two people are meant to be together they will be. This sounds so good on paper, but in my opinion, it absolves both from having to do any work to maintain what they have. It absolves both of them from trying. The Creator brings you together, if you want to remain together it’s up to the two of you.

I am certain. However, I don’t know if he really is. I’ve had two different intuitive people that know nothing of Leo tell me that we are Soul Mates, I even seen it astrologically with our North Node positions. When we first met, he said he saw it as well, he said he had a dream that the two of us were walking in a field together holding hands and smiling. However, like Robert Kincaid, I can’t wait forever. My life is moving fast now and I’ve been postponing everything with my hand outstretched to him, offering everything he and I both asked for. I’ve tried with all my might to get Leo to see what we had…somethings however, you have to see for yourself.

How We Met

Introducing Mr. Leo
Introducing Mr. Leo
July 3: Well I went home and had an awesome time with my family. At the family reunion, I met a most beautiful soul, who I'll call "Leo", and we fell in love :-). I saw him and immediately felt an attraction, I told my brother to bring him over to where we were and we both were eye-balling each Continue Reading
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