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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #77: My Name is Wounded Healer

morningbreaks36I’m writing this book and I’m going to promote it with all of my little might. I don’t expect to make a dime because my focus is literally going to be on saving at LEAST one young woman undo stress and sadness out here. When couples break-up I am LITERALLY on the verge of tears. I truly feel, a woman is not meant to be wandering the streets of Life, most times with child in toe without a man of any kind closely near by. Being an “independent” woman, is just code talk for “I don’t need a man” and we all do…WE NEED OUR MEN AND WE NEED OUR FATHERS. We need them as much as we need the air we breathe. And if it wasn’t for the kindness of fathers, these “strangers”, these vessels of the Divine, saying to me “Sista you don’t need to be out here, what can I do to help?” I would have a VERY bitter taste in my mouth with the men of the world.

What we need in this life to make it comes to us everyday, it may not be in the package that we expect, but it comes. We should never have to beg a man for anything we need. Actually, pleading to a man is pointless. All we have to do is ask the Divine for what we need and thy Will will be done. We just have to accept it, regardless of the form it comes in.

We have a culture of fatherless daughters [and sons] (I really need to watch Oprah’s Life Class on this matter), in this, there is a VISIBLE imbalance to the Collective Consciousness. Divine energy knows only Peace… balance. For example, for the fatherless daughters, one virtue we may never lonely-womanreally quite grasp is the art of discernment. I imagine the Collective Consciousness feels, this has to be addressed and healed by any means necessary in order to maintain balance. So we women wear this “weakness” like a beacon, advertising our flaws to the men of the world. Who’s JOB is to take full advantage of that flaw, exploit it as much as possible to make us stronger…I call it baptism by Divine Fire. They work us, mold us, make us, shape us until we are able to see ourselves more clearly. Then after the fire, comes the tests and at times, it can be painful as FUCK!! But these men are necessary to maintain balance. And when or during this process, there are the fathers that are there to say, “You ok sista? I understand what you’ve just endured. What can I do to help?”

Hmmmm, Or perhaps this has just been my story, my life? Are their sistas out there that, after the Divine Fire, never recover again? Who are unable to see the fathers, for the men? What life do they lead then? What purpose will they serve? Do they now become the wounded wounder…the woman and not the mother? Interesting…

I had a conversation yesterday with a man and I tried to get him to understand the importance of being a Father to women and to not just exploit weaknesses as a man. But it was as if I was talking to a brick wall and I just held the phone in disbelief…”Who is this person?”. I even asked him, “Did I ever know you at all?” and he said…”No.” And it makes sense, because it was as if I was talking to a stranger. He would say things like “I do what I want to do, when I want to do it!” And at the time I thought to myself, “What an odd thing to say?” I even asked him, “Why are you saying this? Where is this coming from?” He didn’t or couldn’t answer. And it still strikes me as odd because it was as if he was just blurting things out which didn’t make any sense in relation to our conversation. Awwwwwwh, but I know who was speaking then…the Divine. smh…Wow. I was in a relationship with this man and initially there was a Father energy, that I was drawn to and then the man appeared. Cold, heartless, unfeeling and unwavering…a Divine soldier…flawless. And if it wasn’t for that pain in dealing with him yesterday, I would not of thought about all the women that needed this book today. *tears* Wow.

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