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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #82: Dear John


Leo, I’m so proud of myself. Never have I told you No and it feels so good for you to leave here and I still have my self respect. I Love you eternal and I am no longer afraid of it now. You are my heart and you always will be, I can’t take that away from you no matter what happens. I know now that all is forgiven and I can truly fly now. I told “sista/mama” to tell my “replacement” that the family is going to have to have a sit down with her because your family is just as much my family as they will be to her.

Finally feel for the first time in my life I am no longer a little girl but a woman. Its so freeing! To be able to say you Love someone and don’t care about hearing it back, not caring to turn it into something else, not caring if you are my friend or foe, not even worried if I’ll hear from you again, simply enjoying the fact that I Love you Leo *muah*

Peace & Love,
Asherah Amyas

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