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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #87: I am Responsible for My State of Being

light-of-mindAs a woman, I am learning that I have to be more responsible with the energy I emit out into the Universe. If there is anything undesirable that is happening to you over and over again, take a moment to analyze yourself, objectively. Ask, “What am I doing to draw this experience to me over and over again? What do I need to learn?”

We can not govern the actions of another person, only self; however, my truth has been that we create our realities. We emit energy and we oscillate between different levels of consciousness so whatever we transmit outwards, there will be those who are listening in on that frequency who may bring with them a lesson we didn’t think we had to learn.

Example, if you feel that you are undesirable or unworthy of Love you are advertising this on an unconscious level. Those who are in need of someone to exploit for their own reasons will be attracted to you, as a moth is to a flame. The person may bring to your life a whole new hell but at the end of the day we only attracted them because we felt so low of ourselves.

It is important that we be responsible for our states of being. And after the rain, when we learn the lesson, there is no need to blame anyone or beat ourselves up about anything. We live and we learn, just adjust your frequency and continue the journey.

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