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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #9 King Victorious

7302389364_d36f076037_zI once knew a young man who stole my heart.
And then he gave it back to me when i begged for him to keep it.I said, “Thieves don’t give back the goods.”

But he said, “This thief can take all the goods in the world with his kingly ways.”

And I said, “But these good of mine are more precious than the
furthest North and the furthest South, and if you run form me East to West,
you will only run in circles of misery.”

And he said, “Yes, but this king can jump to the moon, and to Jupiter
and as far away as Pluto, searching for more conquest.”

So what could I do, but to say that I would follow him to the edge of the universe?
And then he took me by my hand and ran me through the darkest pits of hell.

And I yelled, “Oh my king! I will still follow you,
no matter how much you torture me!”

“Well then,” he said, “You are a fool of
limited wisdom and not self-respect.”

And I then corrected him, saying,
“No, I am love eternal, giving you life,
so who are you to take mine away,
just because I love you so?”

And he said, “You should have known then,
that I would deceieve you because I am a warrior,
who is not to be seduced.”

And I said, “Yes, but even warriors need a
place to rest and to feel secure in the
warmth that only I can give you.”

“I need no rest,” he said, “and I can
fight on until I am no more.”

And then I said, “And with my tears,
I can bring you back again.”

And then he fell to his knees and cried,
“Then I have been the arrogant fool,
while you have been the wise one all along.”

And I said back to him,
“Stand up, my king, black as your thoughts
before I gave them life. For you shall discard me
again with your blind arrogance.

And I shall chase you again to the edge of our universe,
bring you to your knees,
reminding you that through me you became alive,
with my eternal love.

So love me.”

And then he nestled up beside me
and I loved him.

– by Omar Tyree

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