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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #98 – Seeing God in Nature

Realized today, there is no #HumanNature, there is no #AnimalNature…there is only #God/#Creator/#Love/#Universe’s nature.

I have a bird feeder out on my balcony and this morning I noticed that the birds were fighting over the food. They could of easily shared but just like humans they were fighting over food that was enough for all of them. It was fascinating to see this “greedy” behavior in sweet little melodic birds. When I saw that I realized that our attempt to accept our nature from that of an animals is a bit misguided. I truly feel that a soul can inhabit any vessel and the behaviors will be somewhat the same but limited by the capabilities of the vessels they inhabit.

Our vessels really do a great job of making us feel separate but we will lose these vessels and be one with God and then there is no distinction, We are One.

Im sure there is a bird somewhere sitting looking at other birds cutting up (LIKE THEY DID ON MY BALCONY THIS MORNING lol) and thinking, “These fools get on my nerves.” #GodNature #GoddessNature #CreatorNature #LoveNature #UniverseNature

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