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Loves Me/Loves Me Not

As ya’ll know I’ve been out of commission for a long azz time. But I’m sitting here thinking how times have changed since the last time I told someone I “liked” them or someone told me they were feeling me.

Today it seems both men and women, when they meet someone, they feel almost petrified to tell the person this fact. Why? Because they fear that the other person will use that newly acquired knowledge against them in some way. Its so sad, it just shows how both men and women have been dogged on so much that they have almost given up on that mental stimulation we call “love”.

But maybe I can help out, if you tell someone how you truly feel about them, and then they use that against you…you don’t need to be with them anyway. Only a loser would take advantage of your feelings.

So men & women, change begins with choice. Stop dogging and hurting folks that care about ya. Just because it was done to you doesn’t make it right to continue the trend. Live and Learn. Let that negative crap go.

Lets stop ignoring the ones that adore us, adoring the ones that ignore us, loving the ones that hurt us and hurting the ones that love us.


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