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Men, Men, Men and More Men Honey!

I had the best sleep I have had in I don’t know when. I slept like I was drugged. I tried to get up about 5hrs ago (I’ve been operating on 4 to 5 hours a sleep a day and I sleep almost 11 last night)  but it felt like I was being held down and I couldn’t even do anything and I HAD TO go BACK to sleep.

I dreamed about men ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Men I was kicking it with, men I was interested in, men who desired me, men who wanted to marry me, men I would have spiritual and philosophical discussions with…men, men, men…and it was awesome! Two of the guys I teased for looking like Chris brown lol. Kisses on porches at night, cultural events, bus rides, holding hands, road trips, (humph a bee stung me on my index finger while talking to “the god” outside). “Belindo” was still zombie like in the dream, not talking, just operating and not offering any comfort or protection, just existing. Every experience I ever wanted to have I had.  “The god” and I were chopping it up like we did back in the day talking about the world and the origins of man, he drew me a picture of the Trinity, and the “Ebo”?, a three eyed being…beautiful, child like. It’s symbol was a crown with not sure how many prongs…and a fist. He drew like a machine…amazing. The Chris brown looking guys were opting for my attention of being my “main man”, the one that tried the less CB #2 was the one I was more interested in, but when CB #1 proposed to me with a ring in front of CB#2, then the intensity of our relationship increased. smh lol All of this is so very interesting.

I don’t know if the 3way phone discussion I had with a couple of gentleman (Astrology/Business) last night did it or what but…Wow! The feeling of having a man for every single desire or need? Wow. And I mean, each one of them fulfilled a need that the other one didn’t specialize in and wow did I have lots of needs because there were men all throughout the dream. Wow!

*looking side eyed* Almost like the dream was sent to me Hmmmmmmm. Don’t matter…that was fun honey!

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