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Mind, Body Spirit


“Everyday I witness a battle between my mind, body and spirit. I just don’t know why they all won’t just get along. I never know who is going to govern my day.” – Me 4/2010


Amit Pandey ‎”Mind And Body”

Mind and Body are the two faces of the same coin called a human being. The mind of a man is made of so many intricate parts, like cerebrum, cerebellum, criss-crossing nerves, bones, soft jelly like tissues placed somewhere in the brain, medulla oblongata. All these precious components are encased in a box called the skull. The skull is a hard covering like a coconut and it protects our brain from getting injured and creating complications.

Now, what is a mind? We often say:::: “Mind your business” or “Mind your language”. What do we mean by such sentences? Here the mind has been used with reference to our way of thinking. Many times, people just let their tongues slip without thinking as to what they actually mean. So, mind here will mean the thought of a person. There are as many minds as there are thoughts in the world. The mind is just a complex entity that if one was asked to describe a mind, he might end up in talking non-sense.

Mind and body are inter-connected. If the body is weak, the mind will also be weak. Both mind and body require exercises for peak functioning. For the mind, the exercise will be in the form of meditation. This dose of everyday meditation refreshes the mind to a great extent in its performance. In meditation, the mind becomes cool, rational. logical, optimistic and ready to take the heavy loads of life. Transcendental Meditation is the best form of exercise for the mind. Here are 3 simple steps for TM………

i) Sit cross-legged on the floor with your eyes closed. Free your mind of all the thoughts and allow the mind to experience subtler and subtler thoughts. Initially, do not worry, if any bad, distubing thoughts enter you mind; just stay cool and calm. Stay in this position for 20 minutes. This is stage I.

ii) After this experience, you will find that the mind has been subdued to a great
extent. When the mind has been silenced, you will think that less disturbing thoughts are entering the mind. Keep exercising your mind in this way for further 20 minutes. This is stage II.

iii) You have now prepared yourself for the final stage. After many twists and turns of thinking in your mind, the mind will settle on ONE thought only. It may be ay thought, but it will be a good thought. It may be a bird, an animal, a cycle, a train or anything. This object will get fixed in your mind and refuses to go. In this last stage, the mind becomes very calm and dull. A kind of intoxication wil be experienced by the mind. This feeling will be the same as having a peg of whisky……… the only diference being that the hard drink has the potential to harm both body and mind; whereas TM intoxication has all te benefits like control of BP, lower beating of heart due to lower intake of oxygen, coolness in the mind & body, highest optimism leve, high confidence and almost nill negativity. This is the best time of your meditation ……….experience this for another 20 minutes and you will forget about yourself. It will be like a SAMADHI….. dead yet living.

Side by side, a weak body is a sure invitation to lots of troubles. Aches and pains will develop in the body apart from a host of diseases probing an otherwise healthy body. Here, an everyday exercise is very necessary for the body to remain fit and remember, fitness is happiness. One can exercise in a gymnasium or do some simple jogging, bending or stretching exercises in the house itself. This exercise will tone up the body and will also be in friendship with the mind. How? You see Body and Mind are one whole entity called a Human Being. If either of these two is ill, then the Human Being suffers.

Mind can also be exercised by thinking about good thoughts. If the thoughts are bad, evil, corrupt ad not in order, it can play on the body and it can become sick. Fear, anxiety, worry, negativity are the other ‘devils’ of the mind to watch out for……. with the most deadliest of these being FEAR. Fear is of two types…..imaginary and real. Real fear is for the brave ad imaginary fear is for the weaklings. I am using the word ‘weak’ here for some significance.

This imaginary type of fear comes only to the weak person, emotionally unstable person and probably an insane person. Anxiety is a feeling of expected trouble, which may never happen. When a person is anxious, his heart beat increases and his general health deteriorates. High blood pressure is also one of the causes of an anxious mind. Worry is developed by habit. Negativity is a general condition of a disturbed mind, that compulsorily tries to think everything as wrong.

All these above devils can be easily cured by exercising your body. Joining a gymnasium is the best program for your body. Here, you can come in contact with many persons, who may interact to put your emotions at rest. Moreover, by regular exercise, your body gets toned up, develop muscles for a power body and this all creates an unusual self-confidence, which is necessary for an excellent mental health. So mind and body are in tune with each other. Its just like playing a musical instrument of a violin, piano, guitar. Your fingers and the musical instrument are in perfect harmony with each other. When a mind sings a song, the healthy body dances to its tune.

Now, what about our Body? An exercised body is like a temple, where peace prevails at all times. The heart beats silently in this body, just as in a new-born baby. There is a constant smile on the lips and a beautiful serenity on the glowing face. For such a body, the man feels that everything is well in the world. Exercise also helps to solve many psychological problems of the mind. A person who does not exercise develops a false phobia of being worthless. And this plays on the mind, specially for those who have a weak mind. An aimless wandering mind is another problem faced by man. How to solve it? Well, exercise will make the mind strong, full of confidence, assurance, love, friendship and a great sense of optimism will settle in after some days. Only a 15 minutes workout on a daily basis will settle all the body & mind matters in perfect order. Besides creating a state of well-being in the mind, the body functions will improve to a very great extent by way of proper digestion, balanced heart-beats and burning of excess sugar etc.

Yet, another important factor of exercise is the sweat. Initially, this sweat, like a fever sweat will be hot. This hot sweat is the result of the collection of various impurities in the body over a period of time and the reason for such a state is lack of exercise. The immediate benefit of exercise is the extraction of all these impurities and the entry of good chemicals in the body. These impurities are also called ‘Pida’ or so called ‘sickness’ of the body. This sweat coming out is like detoxifying the body and all the internal vital organs get cleaned up of all diseases, impurities etc. There is also a feeling of well-being in the body after a bout of exercise. After a burst of hot sweat, cold sweat will start oozing out of the body, resulting in the calmness settling in the entire body and mind.

Another virtue a man develops in this body is focus and self-control.
Focus and self-control are difficult virtues haunting a confused modern man of to-day. For a power body, self-control and focus are the bonuses that is automatically gifted to a man. You can imagine how much benefits this man can be endowed with when these two virtues are nestled in his body.

Finally, the most amazing benefits of exercise is the appearance of a bright glow on the face. This glow is very beautiful and god-like and it will make a person feel at least ten years younger, not to talk of having an abundant amount of youthful energy.


Soul & Soul healing: Soul is the golden light & essence of the body. In Asian spiritual teaching everything has a soul. Soul healing means to invoke the soul to heal the body & balance emotions. Soul has the power to heal one’s body. Soul is the bos for all parts of the body.

Western medicine focuses on one word, which is matter. When you see a physician for an ailment, you are asked to undergo blood tests, which show the biochemical changes inside the cells. CT scan & MRI detect growth & inflammation inside the body. During surgery, the matter is cut. Therefore, western medicines focusses on matter, Chinese medicines focusses on qi, which means vital energy & life force. If qi flows, you are healthy, if it is blocked, you are sick. In soul & body medicine the being is made of soul, mind & body; so all sickness is due to their blockages. Soul can direct the transformation between the matter in the cells & energy outside the cells. Therefore, to invoke the soul is to do healing, the transformation between matter inside cells & energy outside cells will achieve a relative balance. This is the true secret of how spiritual healing works for the body.

Universal Servant: I believe the purpose of life is to serve. We come from nothing. After we die, there is nothing. All life’s effort is to serve the soul. We have a physical life & a soul life. If we don’t pay attention to the soul journey, life is waisted. You can uplift your soul through service. The soul journey is eternal; but if your soul is not developed, you will reincarnate many times. The final goal is to uplift the soul to prevent reincarnation. You can achieve this by doing unconditional service.

Soul songs: Soul song is the song from your soul. When a person sings a song. It can be in any language. Soul song is the song of the soul language. Soul song can transform relationships & finances because it carries love, forgiveness, compassion & light. Love melts all blockages & transforms all life. Forgiveness brings inner joy & peace. Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality & immunity. Light heals & prevents sickness. Therefore, soul song is extremely powerful.

Soul healing & Yoga: Yoga uses stretch & movement to promote energy flow. Also yoga chants stimulate the energy flow. Soul healing is to invoke the soul to heal. You can give it the name Say Hello healing. For example, if you have back pain, you say & invoke: “Dear the soul of my back. I love you. You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job. Thank you.” Repeat these few sentences, you could receive remarkable healing. For chronic & life-threatening conditions, you need more practice.!!!


As a leader with a clear cut mission and vision you will always follow the dictum of your creator which is heard in the conscience. The 8 powerful shaktis in you clearly shows you that your creator (God) is observing and seeing you benevolently and deeply loving you.

You have started witnessing and seeing the whole panorama (Cosmos) painted on the canvas of your Soul as a master piece of the Master Creator Himself. Here, on the canvas of your soul, you also see the bitter, hard hitting truth of other Souls suffering because of their shortcomings in their lives (Ocean of Samsara) –

People suffer from physical and mental illnesses because of non – spiritual lifestyles.
People are logical, analytical and they have to reason out everything.
People think to get success in their life they have to go all the way out to please and impress others and also they have to slog.
People’s life is always in a state of turbulence.
People are not conscience friendly, that is why they are ready to stoop to any level to achieve their own ends and means. What they mean is not what they talk. They don’t have any moral or ethical values.

With these 8 shaktis, as a powerful leader, you automatically release the ocean of your great vibrations, the Maha Spanda as a Tsunami to wash away to eternity other people’s negative vibrations and ignorance.

You Infuse Spiritual living and teach people to make the best use of their heart through divine feelings, and expand their mind from narrow-mindedness to broadmindedness and make them to understand and realize that their powerful soul is the unseen hand working constantly beyond their intellect to balance their body, mind and intellect to make their life extraordinary, meaningful and peaceful.”

You will give them confidence and show them the path of true success. You will guide them that “To find true success, never impress or please anybody. Just follow the path of Truth, touching base with the soul through sadhana, and Principled living, the whole world will follow you and look up to you. In fact your Soul will reflect you as a Mahatma- Great Leader”.

As a powerful leader, you give them the experience of grit, determination and confidence in many a turbulent times through your key decision making process. Your decision making process hits the bulls eye both in the materialistic realm and the spiritual realm within no time. You pilot people to the divine port of calmness and confidence through their state of turbulence.

When people ignore their conscience, the innocence in them is lost, that means their minds and hearts are closed forever to God. With your eye of conscience, your 8 shaktis, you will make other souls understand the power of their eye of conscience and place them there with knowledge and power. Then their eye of conscience makes them view beyond logic, reasoning and analyzing dimensions making them highly conscious of their True h, Real Goal and giving them hope and confidence for the morrow. It sanctifies their speech with Purity and consecrates love and simplicity in their hearts.

You as a powerful leader unleashing the Power of Free Will which is beyond any physical dimensions, show more care and compassion to all the souls naturally gravitating towards YOU will bring in the Perfect Universal Master from within you.!!!

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