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Missing Osi

Had posted this on my public board but I don’t want to look like no punk so I’ll post it here. My family will roast me good, they hate cats…all of them. I’m actually crying, people keep sharing that video of the kitten climbing up the man’s back on Facebook and I lost it this morning….

Sometimes I miss my baby so much and all these cat videos just aren’t helping 😢😢 When I lost my Osi (short for Osiris, Lord of the Perfect Black) a part of me went with him. 😢😢 And he was weird just like I was, he’d chase the dogs around lol. How are they gone be afraid of my little pussy cat?

And when I’d talk to him it’s as if he understood everything, I even taught him how to climb down trees. Within 10 seconds I taught him and he climbed right on down. If I called him when it was time to come in and he didn’t answer? I knew he was stuck somewhere, so I’d suit up and listen for his lil meows. No one has climbed on top of their car as much as I have trying to coax him down off of houses and trees.

I want to get another cat so bad but I don’t want him/her to ever leave me again so I won’t get one 😢😢 It’s just the most heartbreaking experience I’ve ever experienced.

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