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Lazy GirlOMG FINALLY!!! It took almost three years…THREE!?! And I am FINALLY at the point where I will be getting paid from now without having to do anything!!! *SIGH OF RELIEF* MY DREAM IS FINALLY HERE!!! I knew Venus, Jupiter and Sun 8TH house was a GREAT thing! LET THE MONEY FLOW BABY!!!


I just want to thank everybody who supported me through sooooooo much.

@JujuMama for teaching me how to manifest my destiny. @Rakhem & @Hakashamut you are the best! I want to thank Jackson for reaching out to me when I had no one to talk to when I was trying to get out of AZ. I want to double thank @Rakhem @Hakashamut for offering me a place to stay so that I would best be supported doing such tough times. I want to thank @Peajae for calling me when I was down and out and for the books. I want to thank Shanna for introducing me to my “little girl” so that I could help her heal and grow. @Patti for being a great friend and telling me like it is when I need it. I want to thank Lorena and Joyce for being the ONLY two friends that stood by my side when I said I was quitting my job and leaving AZ and @Patti for allowing our friendship to flourish. I want to thank @GiGi for a healing session that got my mind right. I want to triple thank @Hakashamut for introducing the 3-Way mirror to me…changed MY life. @LyeNEss for all of our late night talks it really helped get me through alot just by laughing…actually to all the @Blue Butterflies for all the Love and support. I want to thank @Christ Tafoya for being one of the best managers I’ve ever had while I was working. The going away party you all gave me even moved the department manager! My road dog @John Robinson for just being John!

I want to triple thank @Rakhem, double thank Jackson, and thank Omega for “looking out”…make a sista teary eyed. @Micheal Stewart for helping me get through my “issue” with a Loved one. @Earnest for…wow…being such an excellent example of a man. You’ve been supporting us women on this “hill” for a long time…smh. The god you came on scene just in time…you have been so very helpful to me, I had been sitting on I-Spy for almost 10 years you come along and…BAM! I’m ready to rev the engine…..Every time I would fix my mouth to go into “wo” is me and think that I don’t have a man in my life to support me, I would think of you all and I couldn’t even say it LOL Damn! LOL I want to thank @Symira for being my little sister/mama that conversation we had when we first met was so on point. I didn’t listen to you LOL and had to learn the hard way but you told it like it was. To my dearest @MamaPalo…our history together goes beyond this life and to many others. Thank you for awakening me to you again.

To all of my clients @Lazy Girl…Thank you there really are no words to express my gratitude for entrusting me with your business. And to @Di  you went on faith with me when my sites were down and you said “Spirit is telling me to go with you” and you let me have that account when I was SOL…and I do mean SOL. I put my FOOT in your site and I’m glad you Love it.



To Ice, thank you for everything…every. thing.

To @Pat, if it wasn’t for you I would never have come here. If I had to do it over again, I would. Through you I learned to Love unconditionally.

To my @Mom for being as understanding as she possibly could during this point in my life. I could not have done this without your support. (Awh I forgot our mother/daughter night was last night!)

To my little nephew who knows how to make me laugh. You know just what to do to have be doubled over laughing. Thank you for all the hugs you gave me when I cried. You’re my heart @JJ.

To @Shay, @ToyaBear, @Cathy & @Redd…my gals from the 601…smh…To the stars my dearest Loves…to the stars.

To ya’ll? I Love you. I learned my lessons in Dark and Light through you all.

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