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My Fantasy TODO List

  1. Giving him a BJ in his truck during rush hour (Leo)
  2. Having sex with him in a public place (Leo)
  3. Dancing sensually, him motioning me over and getting on my knees in front of him while he’s sitting. I look at him and I know what he wants. I unzip his pants and do the damn thang. He just drops his head back and moans.
  4. Him sucking on my nipples and it just drives me insane (Leo 7/4/2010)
  5. Him performing oral sex on me and as I come he enters me and we have mind blowing orgasms (Leo)
  6. Me and another girl giving him head and not letting him touch either of us. We don’t stop until he comes.
  7. Giving him oral outside while he gazes at the stars.
  8. Laying him down and just sucking and kissing him all over his body. I suck his adam’s apple (Leo)
  9. Touching his neck or sund under his shirt while he’s working.
  10. Feeding him and then taking him to the bedroom
  11. Him wanting to have sex at a weird time and place…without warning (Leo)
  12. Him talking shit to me while performing oral sex on me…the sucking and slirping sounds drive me crazy.
  13. Making love at San Diego Cliffs
  14. Before we have sex for the first time, tell him to enter me real slow (Leo)
  15. I walk up to him while sitting down with my mini-skirt and boots on and he tells me to come to him. With hand at my boots, he runs his hand up my legs to my thighs and then to my panties. He moves my panties aside and gently brushes my clit. He then feels how wet I am and before he can insert a finger I pull away. He stands up and grabs me close and continues…
  16. Being with two men at once
  17. Him gently backing me against a wall and kissing me. (Leo 7/3/2010)
  18. The two of us talking then all of a sudden he starts to unbutton my shirt while looking into my eyes. He then cups my breasts, moans, and lays me back and starts sucking on my breasts and nipples.
  19. Give him certificates for non-sexual activity
  20. fuck on the 50 yard line of a football field
  21. Straddle him sitting up in bed. He’s fully clothed and Im naked. He’s rubbing all over me and I feel his dick getting hard between my legs.

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