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My Favorite Facebook Posts

“A quantum physics scientist said that sex was a means to see into the future. Soooooo, when we bumping in grinding, what exactly do we be doing? Because it appears we have it all wrong.”

“Im also thinking about men, and I’m asking this question from my personal experience so men please don’t be offended. What is the purpose of being a “man”? Other than for procreation, why was man created? It really is sad that I’d ask this and really be serious about the answer.”

“Would someone call me to say good night?”

“The reason why men “cheat”? They want more ass. Period. *drops mike on stage* *walks off*”

“Learning to Trance”

Khayr Dream

My Dream after I asked Pat to let me go

Beatrice LaBranche
Shanna Krystalyn-Grace Highsmith
Iyea Brandy
Mamapalo Mokeyane
Tamyra Fullwood Burt
Janice Phillips
Fikriyyah George
Monica Ballard
Grace Chung
Sonya BlueButterfly Frazier
Chioma Oruh
Nicole Ri
Tiffany Janay
Che Charise
LaShanna Braswell
Leslie Fayce Booker
Michelle Grace
Nebt Het
Gretchen A Cobb
Vicci IsDivine
Kami M. Smith
Priestess Esi
Kenyatta Auset

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