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my Leo, my Heart

I was talking to one of my friends tonight about my Leo. And I was telling her the story of us and how we met and how we fell in Love almost immediately. Im giving her the entire story about our walk in the park, sitting by the river at 2 AM in the morning with birds chirping around us like it was morning time and watching the night sky as everyone else danced away inside a club and all of this was on the first night we met, on my birthday :-) She actually fell in Love with our story as well just through my telling it. I told her what I thought was the reason we weren’t together anymore and then she asked me a question I wasn’t ready for. She asked me, “Will you wait for him?” I immediately told her “No” and she had a stunned response as to why. Even I had to admit, it didn’t fit with the “story”.

I gave and continue to give my Love to that man, its instinctive, its not anything that can be controlled, he knows how much I care about him. Its something he doesn’t even have to question, but it doesn’t make sense to continue to wait on someone who is not ready to share his life with someone. She then asked me would he want me to wait and the answer is No still because our Love, at its core isn’t selfish. Yes there are times when I felt he forgot about me and only thought about himself, he’s a Leo, enough said *smile*. But his reaction to me is  something that has everything to do with him and how he was feeling about himself and his life at the time. I know Im an EXCEPTIONAL person and if you can easily disregard someone you know that Loves and cares about you then it could never be intentional it would have to do with your own personal issues and I can’t blame anyone for that.

The Love I experienced with Leo happens at least once a lifetime, if that. He is my soul mate and of that I have no doubt. Its a Love that transcends all else and its simply unconditional. Will I ever experience this intense love affair again?  Perhaps but it will never be the same as your first experience at something great. The first time you experience unconditional Love for someone, you can’t replace that. Will we be together as a couple? I don’t know. All I know is that its in fates hands and Leo’s hands, if he wants “us”. I did my part, I did what I needed to do, I’ve said what I needed to say but if he wants to share a life with me then he simply has to take my hand. Its really simple but my Leo makes it so hard *smile*. Make no promises, tell no lies, just simply say, I want to share my life with you and do so, all the other “stuff” will make room for that wish.

So what am I doing now? Moving on, truly, I have the Love in my heart for my Leo but there are others who want to take my hand with no fear and I can’t deny myself a new experience. I know it sounds like a break from the fairy tale but you all can’t even imagine the sorrow that came along with this great joy I have experienced. You can’t have a relationship alone, it takes two. So we’ll see where things go from here, but one thing for certain I know the type of man I deserve in my life and I have no doubt that the man for me will be. I no longer have fear of losing my Leo because I know he will always be in my heart.

Funny thought

*smile* In addition to this great Love I have for my Leo, I told my friend that no man has frustrated me or has gotten on my nerves more than he but still that’s my heart. And thats how I think of him, there are very few people that I let close enough to me to hurt me but when you have apart of your heart outside of yourself it becomes really easy.
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