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My Purpose is Love

I have been on this earth for almost 32 years and the minute I put the “love” I have for one above another I always get my heart broken by the person I “loved” the most. From this day on, I will never let the “love” I have for another person outweigh the “love” of another. I will practice loving all just a little and evenly. A complete stranger will be able to receive the same amount of love from me a friend would.

I will devote my time and energy to self improvement and to those less fortunate. Those less fortunate does not include the needy. If you were born with the same opportunities as I and refuse to accept responsibility for your actions I will have no sympathy. I will not attempt to help anyone who does not need help.

I am finding that the saying “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” (in hopes that your efforts are reciprocated) is bullshit. We have to teach people exactly how we wish to be treated.

And the minute we accept less we’re disrespecting ourselves. And if we continue to put up with the BS from others we deserve the heartache they inflict. We are use to playing the martyr role for what we think is love and that’s bull as well.

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