Not another political rant…

…but I must comment on one important aspect of this year’s election.

Regardless of how we feel about the candidates currently running for office, we must cogitate at least one message being conveyed…change. Such a simple thing change is, but so hard for most of us to do.

Our country is in need of a “make-over”. It is the year 2008 and most of us still refer to others outside our race as “white” or “black”. In all honesty, none of us have truly seen a “white” or “black” person. We humans come in a beautiful assortment of colors. When will we as a people be able to get past skin color? gender? religion? class? sexual orientation? Its a shame that most of us don’t venture out and get to meet people of all different ages and cultures . I have friends of all different “colors” and backgrounds and I must admit I am the better for it. ([Love you guys :-)]

I charge each of you to venture out and meet someone new and outside of your current “comfort” circle. Don’t be afraid, just walk right up to a person and introduce yourself or initiate conversation. I guarantee each of you will be surprised by the response. Post a comment here and let me know how it goes. You will be surprised how the media has done an excellent job of painting portraits of different races in a negative light.

Here’s to change and a better tomorrow.

Remember, what you expect of people is what you get and only when we fix ourselves can we attempt to make the our country and the world better.

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