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On Your Mark, Get Ready, Get Set…Create!!!!

Remember: I know how this journey goes. I am the Creatress. I walk the path of life and each step is a path added to the road that I have created. I am careful with each thought and with each action as it may lead me down a path I didn’t expect to create.

If I want roses, i will have roses. If I desire sunshine I will have it. If I need a replenishing rain, it will fall. My desires are my destiny.

Remembering 2011
I really had not thought about all of the things I have created for myself until now. I guess I was so excited to get to the marker I forgot to catalog my journey for this year.
  • I retired this year, a task I had been planning for 10 years.
  • Learned that I am a very powerful Creatress – 3 Way Mirror Exercise
  • Met my King and our story is so beautiful. We are now engaged.
  • Realized I am always surrounded by beautiful people.
  • Added to new clients to my company
  • Created 8 applications to sell for 2011-2012
  • Created websites for the family reunion, LGC & LAPD
  • Got a MacBook Pro for my business!
  • Wow! I gained so much knowledge in the area of programming. I would of never learned this if I was still on my 9 to 5.
  • Didn’t lose my mind while take care of my mom, grandma and nephew.
  • Gained two very powerful and influential clients, JuJuMama & Love Healers
  • Paid for my car in full.
  • I got my kitten and his name is Osi, short for Osirus, Lord of the Perfect Black. I Love my baby so much but he is more than a handful =).
  • Wow it just hit me! I have a client who’s been on Fox News, ABC News, The Monique Show, interviewed in Ebony, Jadore & Mademoiselle magazines, countless radio shows and not only are they a client but I am the lead developer on their team. Wow. Wow. It just hit me just now how big of an accomplishment that is. My JOB didn’t do that…I did. Wow. Thank you JuJuMama!

Creating 2012

I can almost wait to create these! The past year was alot about me finding my niche and focusing on what I need to do to get to my next life marker. I learned from my unexpected creations and I have a better understanding how things work…actually how I work. This year will be better than the last and this will be the trend. I am ready and set. I know exactly what I need to do.
  • I see myself with my husband. We are so happy and we play so much, there is always time to enjoy each other. The business is steadily growing and now we are making over 5K per month after taxes together.  We have little to no expenses or debt and we are doing extremely well. We can even afford to give our mothers a little money every month. Im just so happy. We’ve moved to Mississippi and now have a place together. We plan on getting a home in his hometown soon and we are thinking about  fixing up my grand-mother’s home as a summer home. Early fall or perhaps next year we are talking about having our first child. I can’t wait to see that baby…he will be the cutest lil thing you ever want to see. He will have ‘s beautiful smile and that little birthmark below his eye. I can’t wait until he comes to our world.
  • I finally found the secret to manage my stress and in turn my eating habits. I do not take my success for granted and realize that I have to work everyday to maintain a healthy wait and eating habits. and I work out together occasionally and we are in great physical shape and health. *sigh* I can finally go into a store and just pick whatever I want without even noticing the size. I look damn good and I am in the best shape of my life. Im on fire! You go girl!
  • I finished the last 2 chapters of Love Reigns, my children’s book, fall of last year and sales this year have really picked up. Actually sales are doing better than I had ever anticipated. Its a big hit with all religions and children ask for my book by name and just the thought of that makes me so happy.  I want every child to know that they are powerful creators of their destinies. I want them to get an early start in creating beautiful lives for themselves and this book has been the doorway for so many children to do so. I can’t wait to read these stories to lil . Awwwh *giggling* I feel all warm and toasty inside.
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