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I think I am doing too much at one time. I have an ever draining SMB, TSP, ISS and Moor’s Fortune. I guess if I think of it as Moor’s Fortune I won’t try to make it work huh? I got rid of Erica (crazy, religious girl with church) today as a client and referred her to Mike Schmidt from anchor wave. That girl worried me so much. Doing their site isn’t worth her indecisiveness. Nev emailed me today with a request to work on his gift registry page so I’ll knock that out now. Today I got a team achievement award and a bonus of $250. Taxes took half of a it…see…there you go not being thankful. Sigh…so true. I want to work on ISS tonight but I’ll just chill and talk with Moor.

5 Things I’m Thankful for (at least)
1. Life
2. Moor
3. Family
4. Health
5. My achievement award

!!!I Love You nephew XOXOXO!!!

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