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Introducing Mr. PB

Well I’ve been truly holding off on writing about PB however he sure has the life partner vibe. I met him on my birthday after he had been trying to contact me since 2017 about a software project of his. Every year he would wish me a happy birthday and mention his project and for FOUR ENTIRE YEARS I didn’t really respond (nor even remember) his messages until July 3, 2021 and we’ve been in communication ever since.

He checks off all the boxes, a kind man, who can take care of himself, magical and we both have a sexual attraction for each other. That’s all I really wanted and he’s that and more. He even supports the its ok to be married and living separately lifestyle that I know works for me. He’s very gentle to me however he is quite the Alpha male, we love to laugh, LOVE music, he talks about his past and himself (which is an indicator he’s not a narcissist) and I actually like this man.

Now remember when I said that when I finally met “Him” I’d give him a hard time about where he’d been all my life however after my divorce in 2009, he actually was battling Cancer, and in 2011 I had just quit my job and was venturing out on my own, and he was re-battling Cancer so he couldn’t be there for me, he was dealing with his own issues. I now accept that we met when we were supposed to.

Oh another thing? I definitely did not meet his representative lol. He gets on my nerves quite often saying what he thinks I want to hear and all of his women friends, however I still like the man. He’s good for me.

He’s supposed to be coming out to Decatur (oh yeah there is ALOT I haven’t journaled) at the beginning of the Spring Equinox and once we’re intimate we’ve agreed to make our relationship official. Looking forward to our journey together.



Unfortunately He WAS NOT Him

Seeing how many times I thought I had met a lifetime partner and he ended up being anything but really is quite insightful. I think I got it now but wow the number of times I was jerked around is award winning.
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