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Pilgrimage Plans

The more I think about this weekend the more excited I become. I so long to get the feeling of absolute freedom back like I had when I got divorced. No one was in my life and it was completely drama free. But I can’t expect this rootless existence to last so I must learn to adapt and adjust to people and get rid of these titles. The first thing I plan to do is make a list of people that are close to me to determine what lessons I must learn from them using the Three Way Mirror Exercise, and to determine what purpose they have in my life and also establish the proximity they have to my heart. I have to end this cycle of repetitive heart break. I need to fix myself…

SO all that being said here are my plans

1. Visit sunset cliffs to watch the sunset each day
2. Journal every day
3. Reflect on my blessings and not life’s hindrances
4. Establish a plan to fulfill all my existing obligations to people
5. Do some work on the items on my Toodledo
6. Create the “friendship” checklist
7. Feel myself again, enjoy the essence of me, love what others love in myself
8. (update this blog post until the day I leave for San Diego)

Breaking free of the limitations and restrictions I place upon my own soul. No one can set me free but me.

Photos from my trip

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