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Please Burn After Reading

To Leo,

In all of my days, I have not given of myself more openly to anyone as I have to you. There wasn’t much I wouldn’t do or give, without a second thought, if I knew it was needed of me. But thats how I see myself. Loving, caring, compassionate…impatient, highly curious *smile*. But what do you see when you see me? A sister? A wife? A bitch? A whore? Someone out to hurt you. I don’t think I’ll ever know. But what I don’t understand is how, if you know someone Loves you as much as I, can you turn your back on them when they need you most?


To One Time,

As soon as I met you, you unknowingly allowed me to activate your “pain body” and when I touched that part of you that hurt with kindness. You’d have no part of it. I never told you this but those last days with you is the only time I feared for my life.


To Aaron,

I don’t know what it is we shared. I don’t know what was real or what was a lie. I gave to you, with my entire heart…and still it was never enough. I know, I know, it wasn’t you I was extending myself to but All right? When did the One become  so impatient? At times when you spoke for All, I wish you’d only speak for yourself. So many secrets, so many lies you can’t even remember them all. Free yourself.


To Moor,

I don’t think either of us really knew what it took to make a marriage work. We were both petty, and unforgiving. I existed with you until I couldn’t take it anymore. After experiencing what I have out here alone, our marriage was a cake walk. Now I’m walking through hell with gasoline drawls on.


To Teddy,

I still to this day believe we could really go far if we stop thinking that the other is out to harm. The love we have to give has no limits, knows no bounds. Wow, how amazing things could be.


To Dog Dancing,

The first and only drama free relationship I was ever in. We just Loved each other because its what we wanted to do. So free *smile*. I was stupid, I let college take my Love away from you. I asked you to write letters and I know you weren’t the best of writers. You were and probably still are a dear heart. *smile* *humph* *smile*


To T,

You were and probably still are  a predator of girls. What part of No did you not understand? And then to make me fill sorry for YOU. God, what would make a child attract someone like you as their first?


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