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Please don’t let your child’s focus be corporate america! Take it from me.

I put the text below as a status message when I was reviewing THEIR goals for me and saw this “work cooperatively with deparments to optimize engineering automation tool maintenance and purchase expenditures in support of evolving business drivers”. That set me off like you would not believe. Please read this. If you agree, good, if you disagree…ok as well but please read at least. Its a little choppy because they were my status message comments but you’ll get the gist of what I am saying.

All please teach your kids to be self-sufficient and make money instead of working for it. College is nothing more than a piece of paper that deems you “smart” measured on a western scale. The only true science is mathematics. Let that be there focus. Please teach them to start businesses at early ages instead of requiring that they strive for all A’s in school learning westernized ideologies and philosophies. Teach them to lead. And instead of following, teach them to observe and learn from the mistakes and successes of others. If they want to go to college, cool but don’t force it down their throats. EVERYTHING I learned in college can be learned on the internet. You can really save your money.

Do not impress upon them any of your beliefs cause none of us really know jack we just know how to make a belief sound like fact. Let them be the judge and creators of their own existence not you. Guide them, don’t dictate to them. Don’t turn them into little miniature “yous”.
And then the children that weren’t easily molded into western culture don’t get the scholarships and then they can’t afford to go to college and it’s all BS. Not everyone learns the same and never think you’re less than someone who went to college. Do not make college their main goal. Self-sufficiency should be the goal, where that child don’t have to depend on YOU, the parent, or anyone for that matter to survive. Stop raising lap dogs and sheep and raise GODS.

STOP MOLDING THESE CHILDREN INTO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO BE! STOP SITTING THEM IN FRONT OF THE IDIOT BOX (TV) AND LETTING THE WORLD REAR YOUR CHILDREN! The madness needs to stop. For example, if you see your child speaking baby talk :-) in front a large audience of Teddy bears and dolls you may have a great orator on your hands, cultivate that don’t you dare tell them to stop being silly. Pay attention to your children. Nowadays, most of them smarter than all of us anyway, we could learn something.

And no I don’t have children yet, but hindsight is 20/20 and these are the things I wish someone would have told me as a child.

One more thing..children tell you who they wanna be…LISTEN! I would say with my mouth I wanted to be a doctor but what I acted out was a person sitting behind the desk making calls and messing with papers and making moves…I even started a very lucrative business selling fake jewelry at 10 on my own from a brochure that came in the mail called Merlite. I’m like hmmmm, I tell them it costs this much but it really costs that much. Wow I’m turning a profit. lol hey now I know the jewelry was fake but they didn’t lol momma use to call me her “lil exec” lol but being a single parent she didn’t have the time to cultivate “that” just make sure I got good grades and stayed in school but I tell ya it’s all in the details.

Please observe your children, break the cycle.

Thank you

now back to the sweat shop lol

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