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Progress is Progress

The Phoenix - Entry #4: I Remember Us

It’s been over a month since I’ve made any contact with Leo. I broke ALL communication, everything that tied me to him had to go. But there is one thing left that I find to be very powerful, I am ripping out all pages of him from my journal. I won’t forget, I can’t forget,  but as far as the energy I put into writing about him…it’s deleted as well…I must release.

My friend told me “Progress is Progress” and “I deserve the Universe.” And I must say I agree, so as fairy tale-ish as it sounds, I know my Master is out there. If I exist, with my Lovingly beautiful self, he has to as well. I won’t spend time focused on it, but I know he’s out there, he may even be here. I don’t know, but I’m getting myself ready to receive Greatness in myself, my Life, my Spirit, my work, my time, my World…And as far as my Master? Just let there be a physical attraction PUHLEASE lol you KNOW how I am *smile*

Begin Day #1 of Forever…

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