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Puppeteers Get On My Nerves!

Ewwwwwwww people attempting to sway the minds of others?  Using the bandwagon technique, I call it the “get like me” technique is a HUGE TRIGGER…AN ENORMOUS TRIGGER for me because I was around it so much. Even my “ex”, a whole azz malignant narcissist who is abusive and hustles women out of their money AND azz behind the scenes…but a “spiritual” community activist on the other. And no one will believe your story because they are so mesmerized by the facade. Don’t let them be good looking, they become almost deadly omg lol.

Im not sure why these people need a following, why can’t they do what they do and just be happy with it. Ugh.

You want to see me lose it? Show me a person who is trying to control the minds of people. It urks me to my SOUL! omg

Im still working on self, I can’t wait until this is NOT a trigger for me.

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