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Relationship Goals: A Lifelong Male Friend with Benefits

A male friend asked me to determine what I desired in a man. I got it…no cap

To meet someone whose happy being alone and is self sufficient and desires to live alone. He’s sick of women ish just like I’m tired of men ish however we both think the other is chill as f*ck. We have more of a “true” friends with benefits relationship. A relationship like I have with girlfriends, we don’t talk all the time but when we do it’s like we just spoke yesterday…only difference, we sleep together and hang out together occasionally. I Love him just like I Love my friends. He is kind, self-sufficient, protective, smart, spiritual and he wants in his life for the long haul.

Im not looking for a man looking for a wife, but a partner that’s there as desired.

I am DONE with lopsided connections for good. I enjoy my own company and I take care of myself I just want to be able to enjoy male energy as needed without the bullish.

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