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Removing the rubble

Its so weird but I don’t think I have really been myself while alone. I was thinking about decorating my home but kept thinking about what others would think of my design choices. Then I started looking at everything and its all so safe. I like color but won’t use it. Its all so sad. I feel like a little girl trapped inside an adults body and the little girl is starting to peak out. I guess I am finally releasing her. I wonder how she will change my life? She has so much to explore and to see. I can’t wait until I am one with this girl.

I also announced my divorce to my family and friends. Like I told them, I feel blessed to now have a second chance at life.

I’m thinking now about the times I wanted to take my life and its hard to believe that I thought that was the only way to deal with my pain. Its amazing how self-love can set you free.

So much to do and so little time
1. prepare house for kittens
2. prepare taxes
3. call scholarship sponsors
4. create a cleaning plan
5. put up journal site
6. make video for business
7. clean house
8. fix treadmill
9. hook-up VCR
10. get back to eating right
11. fold clothes in laundry room
12. buy clothes hangers
13. buy a full length mirror
14. prune front and back yard
15. plan for trip to home town & Africa
16. fix carpet cleaner
17 outline for book “If you don’t tell her I will”

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