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Stepping Into My Power

I was being attacked by a most horrid entity in my dream. It’s the first time I’ve ever awakened and remembered it’s face…but I digress. I start screaming and then I said oh…

I’ll say the Ana B’Koach…

and I only got to Ana B’Koach and it just disappeared before I could say anything else or even close my eyes!! Yay!!! It’s the first time I remembered to say the Miracle Prayer AND it’s the first time I became conscious like this in my dream. Now something happened when I became conscious, there was some sort of shift as if I was awake but when I opened my eyes inside the dream I was back inside the dream.
Y’all? I’m so use to running and screaming at these things in my dreams, feeling so helpless and for the first time in my entire life I fought back without even fighting!!!!!! Yesssssssssssssssssss I’m so excited!!! I sleep now with my Ganden Temple Protection from Demons radiator but I don’t think this was a demon, in any case glad that ugly thing is gone!!!

I send all my Love and ask All that’s Holy to bless the beautiful beings we call Mother and Father Gibson for helping us. Wow…just like that. Wooooow. Ashe

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