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Suspended Animation

It’s so funny, I just had a dream about a male friend of mines that I just adore and in the dream when he’s open to a new relationship he doesn’t consider me and I get so in my feelings that I wake up and that’s my focus. I missed what happened AFTER I found out he was “running around on me” lol 😉

I dreamed I was outside with all of my family on our land and outside was covered in a swarm of some sort of white insects. As I rounded the corner to join my family, I witness the following.

6 white cats jump up in midair and stay there, next a host of hundreds of these little white insects fly next to them on the right and pause, and then 6 white birds fly beside them on their right and pause.

Everyone sees this and we all just pause and stare, for about 1 minute we stare until we decide that perhaps we need to record this and as soon as we take out phones the cats fall gracefully to the ground, the insects and birds fly away!

So I go into one of the houses and asked did everyone see it and one of my family members tried to explain it away. So I innocently pick up a bottle and toss it up in my hand to demonstrate how weird it would be to have it just float there and you can’t ignore that. And as the bottle is just about to land back into my hands it levitates there. I get scared and slap it away and ask “Who am I?!”


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