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Test Your Brain Knowledge: Answers

Question 1:

If you answered that you are first, then, sadly you are wrong. If you overtake the second person, you take his place. You are now second.

Question 2:

If you answered that you are second to last, you are wrong again. It is physically impossible for you to overtake the last person.

Question 3:

Did you get 5000? The correct answer is 4100. Check it on a calculator.

Question 4:

Nunu? Im afraid not. Read the question again. The fifth daughter`s name is Mary.

Question 5:

If you said seven, look again. There are ten. If you got this one wrong you might like to reflect on the fact that the rational mind just allowed you to miss 30%–almost a third–of the information available to you, even when you were concentrating on what was directly in front of your eyes.

— The Haitian Way of Healing and Power, Ross Heaven

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