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The Gas Station Story (Original)

Gas station parking lots USE TO disgust me.
Every time I would get out of my car I would choose carefully where I stepped and I would always think that the worst thing in my life would be to fall on that ground. Without fail I would have that image in my head. Faithfully. My little brain didn’t know I didn’t want it…it just knew I thought about it all the time. Well the day finally came where I was gonna get what I had been FOCUSING on.

I dodged some bees (ok it was one bee) that were in a trash can…just stepped down off the curb and bust my azz wide open on the concrete. I didn’t just stumble but I fell just like how I DIDNT want to fall in my visions. I skid hands and face down on the pavement like my crazy azz was sliding in to home plate AND got a cut.

Now ain’t this some sh*t?! A CUT?! I felt the oil and disease flowing into my blood stream…and I lost my NATURAL mind. I was in hysterics.
I took off work for the ENTIRE DAY and drove home and took a shower, pouring clorox all over my body. I was washing off oil, bugs and hair and all kinds of dirt. It was the worst lol. Everyone I went to for comfort laughed at me like I was a stranger lol. One of my cousins said, “Now Pucci why is your grown ass falling running from bees.”
I knew exactly why it happened. I focused too much on what I didn’t want when I should of thought about what I DID want. Now tell me how many of you have fell in a gas station parking lot and you’re grown? I didn’t think so lol It was easy for me to get this “dream come true” because I didn’t have ANY competition for this desired outcome. My crazy behind was probably the only person in the country sending my brain images of me falling face first in a damn parking lot. I saw it and my lovely little brain said…”Here girl! Finally you got what you wanted.”
I have completely changed my thinking because of this one incident. If I ever catch myself thinking of negative visions I immediately think of this lesson and fix my thoughts. What we resist…persists. PERIOD. Don’t believe me? Well keep sending your brain images of what you don’t want and I promise you you are going to get it.
What we need to start to do is to envision what we DO want. Forget everything else. In your goals, in your relationships, see what you WANT not what you don’t want. I read some where that when people lose control of their cars, the accidents happen because the driver focuses on where they don’t want the car to go instead of where they want it to go and their minds take them right into the ditch or tree they didn’t want to run into. So instead of me thinking how horrible it would be to fall on that lot, I should of been thinking how grateful I am that my steps and my footing will always be sure and I could of even went a step further to eradicate the fear in my mind and see the ground as green grass.
So the choice is yours. Fix your negative thoughts or be served them on a silver platter. If someone asks you, “Whats the worst possible thing that could happen in your life?” Your response should be. “Hell if I know, I don’t think about sh*t like that” and keep it moving. Don’t even sit there and think about what would be the worst. PLEASE don’t feed the beast.
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