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The Illusion of White Privilege – Part II

I knew the article I wrote, The Illusion of White Privilege, was powerful, and I knew those who read it would be empowered, if only for awhile. What I wasn’t counting on is them being afraid to read past the title.

I’ll keep this short and sweet…

Two babies are born, one white, one black…NEITHER has privilege over the other. Neither!!! But the belief in it makes it just as viable. It’s like teaching children the boogie man is real. Unless someone tells them otherwise, REGARDLESS OF IT NOT BEING TRUE, they will live their lives as if it were and in that they lose power.

Look at these two statements, Both of them are viable and true.

Yeah, the boogie man is an illusion that has been perpetrated against children to scare them into submission and keep them inline


Yeah, white privilege is an illusion that has been perpetrated against people of color to scare them into submission and keep them inline.

Notice I did not say, Slavery, the Holocaust, the Native American slaughter and Religious Crusades did not exist or happen. People, white and brown were murdered in the name of power. In order to understand me, you have to lose the emotion. I am saying the core of it, one thinking they have privilege over another in order to justify these murderous rampages is an illusion. Every life matters. White privilege is an illusion, that’s just an unarguable fact.

This fear of the white man has many so paralyzed they can’t even function. They can’t build for themselves and their families because of the white man, they can’t protect themselves because of the white man, everything wrong in the world is because of the white man. Do you not see how that makes them powerful over you? Once we overcome the battle within, we will all notice your war is not with the white man or the black man, its with any motherfucker meaning to rule over a people to gain power. Most have an inability to function out of fear. White men, just your average Joe, will tell you out of their own mouthes, “No we are not privileged.” What is going on, with the effort to enforce white supremacy, is that some (ie KKK, skin heads, etc) want to capitalize on the illusion of white privilege and your fear. They want to put on the boogie man outfit and make your life a living hell. They will kill those who fear them easily because they feel powerless against them. These groups embrace being the boogey man because in it they have control over others. They own your emotions. That makes them powerful over many. But instead of targeting your aggression and uniting with your white allies you constantly piss them off and blame them for all of your problems because of THEIR skin and they are also in defense mode and it is the early start of a race war. And while the two races are killing and fighting amongst each other, you help with population control and the man with the smoking gun just sits back and takes note. United we stand, divided we fall!


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