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The Illusion of White Privilege

White privilege is an illusion. A white man has no more privilege in this world than a black man. Ok, before you start cursing me out, hear me. Release your emotion, your anger and hear what I am saying to you first. Have you calmed down? Great. So, why would she say that you might ask? Because I’ve been to the mountain top and and see how it all works and I want the world to know what I’ve seen. Now, do you really want to know the most significance difference between a “black” man and a “white” man? White men are born into a world of people and parents believing that they are privileged. Think about that…

White men were born into a world that now believes they are top shit and All Powerful.

Really think about that…

And when you believe in your power that much, the world starts to believe it too. You may even begin to capitalize on it and not many will stand in your way because they see you as All Powerful. They fear the *ominous music plays* “All Powerful White Man”

With white men, they are told all of their lives they are masters of the world. But as they experience the world, something changes for most of them. They realize, “Hey, I may not be as powerful as I was told.” Imagine walking into a bank, thinking you are king of the world, and you denied for a $1000 loan. Can you imagine what that does to ones ego? To have been built up so high and then you can’t get a loan? You’re king of the world, but can’t afford to feed your family? You’re king of the world, protecting and serving but making less financially than the people you are protecting? Then they look at the black man, to compare notes: “Look how successful he is with affirmative action and food stamps. He’s even taking our women! It’s not fair. They are taking over! Thats my enemy!!” And the war begins. Not knowing black men aren’t being handed a damn thing, they have to struggle for almost everything they have. They weren’t born being told they are powerful, they were born being told the opposite actually and they rebel against it. They repeat mantras “I am someone.”, “My life does matter.” and thats where their power comes in, through struggle.

What black men must do is change their thoughts. Stop seeing white men as rulers of all and cock of the walk, if they are so powerful, then what must the black man become by default? Weak. Stop this belief system right now, its detrimental to you and your families. With these thoughts, you build your weaknesses and reinforce them. Stop seeing yourselves as less than and you will cease to be that. Once you realize your power nothing can stand in your way. Feel you can’t get a job because of your brown skin? Fuck it, create your own business. One of the powers that black men seem to never capitalize on? Their ability to hustle, making a way out of no way. A black man’s resilience is unmatched. They know struggle and their ability to persevere in the face of it, that’s a black man’s power. Even with all odds against them, they succeed.

95354_story__holocaust Wikipedia

Images not of slavery, but of the Holocaust. These are white people, in mass, lying here dead

To my brown skinned people, there doesn’t have to be a battle of wits, you must simply realize your  power.  Teach your children that they are powerful and able to manifest what they desire despite any obstacles. Teach them not just African history but the history of all peoples, regardless of skin color. All of our ancestors, not just black people, (google the history of Native Americans, Jewish people, The Crusades, etc) have endured murderous rampages for power, show them how we all persevered. Every single race of people has been persecuted by another in their conquest for immortality and ultimate authority. There is no need to constantly bombard children and yourselves with images of these murderous rampages, black people being hung in trees, burned, mutilated, they promote fear, and fear keeps one weak. The word slavery is not copyrighted and does not belong to you. You don’t get to be the only victim of it. You must promote personal power within your households.

Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting a brown slave getting beaten by another.

Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting a brown slave getting beaten by another.

To my Caucasian people, there doesn’t have to be a battle of wits, you must simply realize the truth, you were not born into this world to dominate over it because of the color of your skin. The color of your skin does not open every single door for you, and you will soon realize this. You can not rest on your skin color alone to get ahead, you also have to realize your own personal power. Teach your children to not compare themselves to other races to see how they fare. Teach your children to be thankful for what they have. Teach your children the history of all people, regardless of color, and help them to understand how other races may feel if every murderous rampage they’ve been fed has a person of white skin tone leading the charge. Teach them to be compassionate to the hardships of others, but DO NOT allow them to feel guilty for it because of their skin. You must promote compassion and understanding in your households.

power to the people

Power to the People

To all people, resist the temptation to band together into one big bitching session about “them damn _______” insert your most favorite racist slur. When you get together and bitch about other people, you build yourself up by tearing them down in your mind. When you tear someone down in your mind they become less of a human and more of an object and you carry that hatred like a badge and people feel it. We notice that you are unable to look someone of another race in the eyes. We see how you clutch your purse to yourself when someone of another race walks by. We see how you single out other races when you are patrolling the neighborhood. Fear is like a virus and it will take ahold and transform a well meaning individual into a monster. Free yourself. We all are cohabitants of this world, if one race wasn’t meant to be here, they would never have been created. At the end of the day, we all simply want Peace. Turn your TVs off, experience the world through your own eyes. Cast off the chains that the media has draped upon you, whether they are red or blue or black or white. Realize your emotions are your enemy’s most powerful weapon. We are all in this together, color is not the issue in this world, people who want power and the people who think they are powerless are. Realize there is strength in numbers. United we stand, divided we fall. No one owes us anything based on the color of our skin, white nor black. Stop looking for differences and start looking for similarities, we are more alike than we are different. Peace be unto us all.

Special Note: I want to express a most sincere thank you to my brother JB for providing me such valuable jewels in writing this post.  I hope together our words are heard far and wide. Thank you brother.

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