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Book Review: The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

  1. If you give your happiness to someone else sooner or later he/she will break it or take it away. Your happiness is your responsibility and not anyone elses.
  2. Your relationships with others can stand alone as its own dream.
  3. When we feel sorry for someone we don’t respect them because we are saying that they are incapable of doing some thing.
  4. Dont manipulate people with kindness in order to receive it. Share your love without condition.
  5. Eat with the body and not with the mind. Listen to the body first then let them mind tell me when to eat.
  6. We create our own Karma
  7. I am responsible for what I say but they are responsible for what they understand.
  8. Don’t believe yourself, don’t believe other people…only the truth will remain and everything else will dissipate.
  9. Even when you think you understand…ask questions.
  10. When your relationship is completely out of hell you will love yourselves so much that you don’t need each other at all. By your own will you get together and create beauty and what the two of you will create is a dream of heaven.

Epiphany: I feel differently about because now I don’t need his love. Love has nothing to do with the other person. We decide that the love we have in side of us is compatible with each other and thats where we move on from.

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