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The Phoenix – Entry #2 (Illusions & Acceptance)

I have had so many epiphanies and I am so thankful for this experience. I am beginning again…starting from the ground up in order to learn to care for myself and allow others to do the same. I have not written in a while so what I am going to do is list off my epiphanies

  1. Just thinking…do you ever feel that all of this…everything is an illusion…like a dream…when you think about it certain things just don’t make sense…for instance Beef…billions of pounds of beef are severed almost every hour…where are all the damn cows Rakhem? It just doesn’t add up…and all of the grocery stores with all that fresh fruit daily…where are all the farms? (A conversation with Rakh about illusions.)
  2. Each experience we have whether “good or bad” becomes its own living entity. We attach it to ourselves and it becomes one with us, apart of our story, in a sense, it becomes a god in our lives. Now we can choose to serve these…demigods, or we can serve the one true God which says none of that shit matters none of it exists unless we want it to. (A conversation with Rakh about past experiences.)
  3. There appears to be a man to the right of me cutting grass I watched and heard him for awhile and looked away…do you know after awhile I stopped hearing the weed wacker so I looked back and there he was cutting and wacking and the sound came back lol awwww I’m just thinking out loud lol enjoy your day Love I would love to talk to you so I will soon the technical issue is an illusion I have to see past ;-) I heard that weed wacker because I EXPECTED to hear it the ONLY reason why I heard it. (A conversation with Rakh about illusions.)
  4. The Universe loves Asherah Amyas. Money flows to her easily and effortlessly. And everyone who offers help to Asherah Amyas, offer it from a Spirit of Love and Divine Grace. They are sent by loving angels and guides so that she may have a joyous experience in receiving gifts from others. (A conversation with PJ about accepting from others.)

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