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The Phoenix – Entry #3 (I Got to Braid my Hair)

There is so much that I have taken for granted…now I feel so free and so aware of everything and how things work for me. Simple pleasure #1: From sleeping in my car, my hair actually started locking in the back but I never really had time to do anything with it…I was constantly driving all over the place looking for jobs, interviewing, giving rides, etc. So last night I finally got a chance to pull/cut out the dreds and now my hair feels so light and free on the back of my neck and back…I never realized how good it might feel to actually take out the kinks and now I appreciate that I took the time to care for myself that intensely (it took all night and morning). Im just so thankful for everything. Attention to Love changes everything. Love and appreciate All that is you…EVERYTHING…even the kinks and the things that you don’t like at all…appreciate it because its all Love and its all You. Perfectly Beautiful. *humph* *smile*

And black women? plait that shit up at night lol I don’t care if a tornado coming find your center and say “Oh let me plait my hair” they’ll look at you half crazy but in lies your peace and the ability to Love no matter what’s coming your way. ♥

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  1. Asherah Amyas July 17, 2012 at 2:15 PM - Reply

    – Took Shay to Care Lodge to check in today- Eliminated all contact with Pat after he told ella he had talked to me when I explicitly asked him not to and he promised he wouldn’t- Checked out of Safe Harbor and now in Care Lodge- My guardian angel Leslie left the same day I did- Got a job at Best Buy/Geek Squad CIA (awaiting drug screen clearance)- Talked to bunny about her issue with breaking Marlon’s vow to not share her body with no one else but him

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