The Phoenix – Entry #6: Day One

Madera_Collosal_Cave 042_updateToday serves as “Day One” of me beginning the journey of getting back to me since getting “stuck” here in Alabama. I want to begin to get my body tight and take off this marriage fat (my manifested Love) and relocate. And if I can’t relocate, simply, begin to be more comfortable where ever I am and…to finally get over all of my feelings for Leo…that keep me standing still with men.

But before I can even begin, wouldn’t you know it?  My brother texts me this morning wanting to talk about Dad. And he asks a question I KNOW he knows the answer to, but why he would ask it? I am unsure. He asks me, When is Dad’s birthday? I just want to scream at him, “You know the date?!?!” but instead I just say “August 5th, the same as Leo’s” and a tear slides down my cheek. I try to run, rush to finish this conversation, but I’m forced to endure.

I met Leo on my birthday, he was born on my father’s birthday and I always thought that was a sign as to him being the one my father wanted me to be with and a gift for me. The Love that Leo allowed through himself to me was unmatched. However, “something” happened and like a dream it was over, ended as abruptly as it began. Perhaps that was my gift…just a taste of what is to come for me? Where ever my KING is…I am patience. I don’t have to be afraid anymore.

Well I thought this morning was minor setback, but I needed it so I can see what else I needed to release. So today, I am going to go down to the river, one of my favorite places to listen to God…and just relax. <3

Digression…Just came across this and found it to be so funny lol.


Seeing this just makes me appreciate men even more. I Love you too Kings. <3

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