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The Take-Over

I remember about 8 years ago I talked to a psychic and I asked her would I ever lose the weight I gained and she said “Yes, I see you in a cheerleader uniform“. And 8 years later I did but I am still not back to where I was before I got married and now all of the pieces are in place for me to go right back to the way I was before unless I do something fast. So I am making today officially “Take Over Day”. I need to make adjustments or that deep dark part of me wins. So here goes, I am making a covenant with myself.

My Goal is to lose 58lbs…ASAP!

  1. I will not use external means to fix internal problems. My issues are my issues and I have to use the power within me to fix them. I must choose healthy tools such as art, writing and exercise to relieve stress. I discovered that sex works too so that’s on the list now lol.
  2. I will accept the things I love about myself that others may not like and that may even cause me pain sometimes but I will accept that which I love.
  3. I will destroy the things I don’t love about myself that may not affect others at all but cause me pain both physically and emotionally. Once these things are destroyed I will rebuild only with the things I love about myself.
  4. I will not engage in negative gossiping or opinionated conversation about other people.
    Gossiping – is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. It forms one of the oldest and most common means of sharing (unproven) facts and views, but also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and other variations into the information transmitted.
    Opinion – a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
  5. I will form my thoughts in the positive or take a stance of neutrality. I will never base an opinion in the negative. As the mastery of love states “Don’t believe yourself, don’t believe other people…only the truth will remain and everything else will dissipate.” The truth will always come to light and it will be undeniable.
  6. I will master the The Four Agreements
  7. I will continue to use my external living conditions to be an indicator to my internal living conditions. And I will take actions to rectify both.
  8. I will make sure that I Live outside with nature at least twice a week.
  9. I will not watch any TV shows that bait the user into tuning in next week or next season to tell a story. I just don’t have time to spend watching and thinking about what happens next in a TV show when I need to worry about what’s happening next in my own life lol.
  10. I will Love myself truthfully and unconditionally.

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