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These “Conscious” Social Activists…Honey?

I get so mad at some of our people arguing and bickering amongst themselves, looking down on folks and playing the holier than thou role. Worry about your own life and get your shit in order then MAYBE you can address the people! We have a bunch of sociopaths masquerading as saviors for our people! I’m so sick of Young’un’s Bullshit!


Radical-adj. a person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principles; extremist.Or favoring drastic political, economic, or social reforms.A.K.A. Change.


yes social reform by any means necessary. if that means sacrificing your own people so be it…there is no logic behind radicals or extremist just emotion. Another word for a radical or an extremist would be a dictator. Words from a dictator/radical/extremist might be “Doesn’t matter what the people have to say “I” know whats best for you so just shut up”

Other statements might be….”Anyone not willing to go to the lengths I will for social reform are just weak and timid. I am God’s chosen one. I know what God wants for the people. He has chosen me. I am different.”

Social reform can’t be FORCED on the people, change starts with the individual, with self. All we can do is put out the FACTS and move on. Not our opinions, not suggestions, but FACTS and/or share our life stories with others in hopes of someone not living or making the same mistakes we did and move on.

A person, radical/extremist/dictator is no better than the powers that be if its based on the “my way or the high way” concept. And its funny, dictators tend to think in absolutes.

Questions to ask a radical/extremist/dictator who has these thoughts would be…”Why are you doing this?”…”What are you hoping to gain?”…”Is this about the people, a personal vendetta or is this about control?”

Like I said…”God” help us all.

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