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‘Til We Meet Again…

There is a man out there that I Love dearly, completely and unconditionally but I had to permanently say goodbye to. I gave so much of myself, I gave when I had it to give and I gave when I didn’t and I felt it STILL wasn’t good enough. I had a proverbial gun to my head and a whip was being cracked at my back and all I could hear was, “Moooore!!!” It was time to let go.

Now I know that since we are both on the same mission, there is no need that we need to walk the line together. I can let my light shine from here, he can let his shine from there and perhaps one day we’ll meet again, and perhaps we won’t but one thing is for sure. I have NO doubt about the decision I made.

I said all of that to say this…when someone choses not to be in your life anymore, let them go in Peace so you can be at Peace. If your story together was not complete, one thing I know for sure is that God will be someone to them and to you that are better equipped to write the story that needs to be written and of that I have no doubt.

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