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To Run the Good Race

Everything was just perfect and like magic it was just gone, it’s the strangest thing to ever happen in any of my relationships. Yes, stranger than the time One-Time put me out on the streets for cleaning his house…yes crazier than that.

I want to understand but I know I never will. To go from “Tiya if you’re not the woman I’ll marry no one is.” to “we communicate differently” is so strange. I was perfect, I had learned so much from my previous relationships and I was in my element. I was ready. I don’t know if I miss him or the dream he presented me the most but whatever it is, it’s reduced me to checking his page EVERY DAY just to read what he writes and he doesn’t even post anymore like he did before so I can’t even get solace in that.

Im sure I’ve been dumped before, sometimes you think you’re breaking up with someone and they had been left you, but this time I’ll never understand why. Why my man, the one I’m in a long distance relationship with didn’t want to talk to me but once a week, maybe less. I’ll never understand it.

Imagine you’ve been training for a marathon for over two decades, you finally get to the day of the race, you run to mile 1 of 30, it begins to hail a few miles away and the sponsors and judges call the race off with no planes to reschedule. But it’s ok? Why won’t they listen? We had prepared for hail too, you were ready. Then you realize, if you have to run the race alone then that doesn’t make it a race. So you pack up and head home, defeated, knowing everything would of been fine. The hail would not of approached our path but still you had to quit…yup that’s how I felt.

Just woke up feeling sad, glad I noticed it, let’s shift and meditate and change my day to a better one right now. Let’s find some babies to watch! Yes! 😬❤️

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