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I want to articulate this well enough so you all can understand what I mean. After viewing this pic I came to the realization that trees don’t actually die as all other beings do. I now see their deaths are based on either human influences or from natural influences such as fire or lightening strikes. Think about it……when we see trees dead we see them knocked down or split apart. Look at the roots of this tree? Do you think it even has the ability to die all by itself and disconnect itself from roots like these without force? I never even thought about any of these until I saw this picture for the second time and really looked at it.

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Realization…trees don’t die…y’all?! trees don’t die!! I saw this picture and I was hypnotized at the roots and how when we see a tree we REALLY don’t SEE the tree.

But I always said everything lives and dies but that’s no longer true, trees don’t die they rejuvenate!

Wow! Y’all think about it for 32 years I never “realized” trees never die they are just killed…wow

TREES DON’T DIE! So kill that statement “Everything lives and dies” because it does not hold true for trees!! lol

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