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Trouble in church

I dreamed that I was in an Alpha meeting, when I realized where I was, I proceeded to get up. The guy says “No, its okay, women are good, tell us a lil’ Alpha history”. I told him that I didn’t know any so he told me to get out. When I go outside 2 older women offer me a ride, I accept. They take me to this supposed Women’s Coalition group…they take me to an abandoned warehouse…we go down into a basement…we proceed down some stairs…when we come to the opening the woman says go down the corridor and make a left…I do so when I enter it looks like a church…I see Derrick, LaTonya and her sister Jennifer…I hit Derrick on the back of the head playfully and sit down…Jennifer asks me what I was doing here. I said that I didn’t know…
I also see Ann Worthy there…I sit down and listen to the preacher (unknown) and he starts pouring (looks like juice) into these big glass bowls/cups he passes to Ann first she sips and passes it on to the next person (thats not there) and wastes all of the liquid…the preacher grabs the cup from her and then eventually passes it on to me. (Before he did that I was saying I’m not going to drink that.) The cup is in my hand and someone in front of me whispers something to me then I end up drinking anyway…when I realize what I did I hurry and try to throw it up…I was going through the corridors and other people join me…I only remember Dalilah. We see a cafeteria of some sort…we see someone leaving…we go in after they had left…we find a garbage can and I try to throw up but it doesn’t work…Dalilah for some reason throws hers up also…I just can’t throw up so I walk down the hall to the exit…just as I am leaving a white man comes up to me and says “we will annihilate you”. I’m stunned but for some reason not scared. “We will annihilate you physically and spiritually” he raises his arms and an electric current spreads from one hand to the other…I try to do the same but I feel a shock (he doesn’t touch me) “You can not win” he does it again, I do it again and I get shocked. He glides closer and his eyes black over and he says “You will not win”. I leave out the door. He follows and says “Is this yours”. I look stunned (I had written a check in church) I asked how did he get it and he says that he is the treasurer…next thing I know I’m repeating the LBRP and then I’m walking towards the chapel (?) and the guy passes me while walking a dog it looks like (?) not sure maybe a pink poodle…I turn around and he is already looking in my direction. He balls the check up and turns into a pink feather and floats into the air “I say thank you”

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