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Trust Your Intuition

I will never go against my intuition for ANYONE EVER again. I use to listen to people’s words all the time, their actions didn’t matter if their word game was tight and putting the wants and desires of others before self brought me nothing but heartache. So today I had my first real test of trusting in my intuition. My spirit told me this guy was so angry inside that he’d just love for me to be his punching bag. I had no real proof, only my intuition telling me to move on politely.

He tried to convince me through his vulgar language and calling women whores, but oh? Not me….that he was a good guy…I wasn’t buying it. And every time he tried to hide it and be “nice” I saw it and I guess today? He was tired of holding that violence in and he just went OFF. I wasn’t a lady, I want him for his penis (Mind you I made no sexual overtures nor have I even had sex in going on five years), women like me are cheaters, and I was a hot mess…I didn’t even read anything else, I’m sure there is more. When he finally let out what I knew was there? I said Thank you. He allowed me to truly know what it feels like to trust your intuition and be dead on point.

We’d never met…only talked on the phone twice…and my intuition was like “run as fast as you can”. Men and women? Trust your intuition. Don’t let the words of men/women cause you to lose sight of yourself.

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