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Trying to Catch the Wind

catching the butterflies or the fishesNo one knows you like your mom, she knows you like a book and Loves you regardless. I was talking to my mom just now about my plans to move again and she said to me “Girl you are just like the wind.” smh. And I JUST finished saying that about my Leo. I just finished giving this long speech about how loving him is like trying to catch the wind, none of which he even responded to lol, little asshole, and my mom gone call me out on my -ish. And yes I can be an asshole myself sometimes, it takes an asshole to recognize an asshole lol. I told Leo that if he ever came around me with the “I want to be with you/Oh I change my mind Im not ready” I would hurt him. I think thats an asshole thing to say but I was serious so hey…at least I gave fair warning and thats quite commendable. Ha! Found the silver lining! lol

JuJuMama never spoke truer words, “You only attract who and what you are.” I’m pretty sure someone out there feels neglected by my not calling, responding or stopping by. I don’t mean any harm, just have so much on my plate. You can’t help who you are. Just Love me as I am, even when its hard, that is all that I hope for. I think about all my friends, laugh at shit that went down, have fond memories, I don’t have a single person who has entered into my life that I say “Ugh I can’t stand him/her” when I think of them. Its just not in me, I take the good and eventually throw away the rest.

As for the wind, don’t spend your time trying to catch it just enjoy the breeze. Remember what it felt like and how it affected your entire being and take a little piece of Love with you.

I embrace who I am and I embrace every part of myself that is reflected in other people <3



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